Being a landlord in Taunton comes with its own set of challenges. With ever-changing regulations and the ongoing task of property and tenant management, there's no doubt that there are several common causes of stress for landlords. At Eden May, an experienced letting agent and property management company in Taunton, we've identified three key areas that cause the most stress for landlords - and we've got the solutions!

In this post, we'll delve into these issues and discuss how they can be managed effectively to alleviate stress and ensure a positive landlord experience.

1. Finding the Right Tenant

One of the most common causes of stress for landlords in Taunton is finding a good tenant. In fact, almost 75% of landlords believe that finding a suitable tenant is either moderately or extremely difficult. This concern is especially prevalent for first-time landlords.

Our Recommendation: Invest time and effort into crafting a quality property listing.

To attract the right tenant, create a well-presented rental listing that highlights your property’s features. This includes:

  • Crisp and clear photos
  • A well-written description
  • A realistic and competitive rental price

Being accurate and transparent in your listing will help set clear expectations and prevent misunderstandings during viewings. Additionally, if you have a specific target market, set specific criteria (e.g., students, professionals, etc.) and mention these in your property description to streamline the search process.

Finally, make sure to conduct thorough reference checks on prospective tenants, evaluating their ability to afford rent and properly care for your property. Obtain a holding deposit to secure their commitment.

2. Managing Maintenance Issues

Maintenance challenges are another major stress factor for landlords. Ensuring tenant safety and property upkeep is a top priority, but finding skilled, reliable, and affordable contractors can be an uphill battle, especially during emergencies.

Our Recommendation: Create a list of reliable tradespeople in advance.

For a smoother maintenance experience, prepare a list of trusted professionals in various trades, with at least two contacts per maintenance area. Additionally, consider emergency cover to ensure your tenants receive a quick response when faced with urgent issues.

3. Navigating Legal Responsibilities

Common causes of stress for landlords is often centred around legislation. Letting a property in Taunton involves numerous legal responsibilities, with landlords often finding it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing requirements. Safety inspections, constantly changing legislation, deposit protection and notice periods are just a few of the many regulations involved.

Our Recommendation: Stay informed through reliable sources.

To stay up-to-date on legislative changes, subscribe to property newsletters, participate in online forums, and read relevant articles. This will help you stay informed and adequately prepared to meet all legal obligations.

Minimising Stress Through Expert Property Management

The most effective way to reduce stress as a landlord in Taunton is to work with a reputable letting agent and property management company like Eden May. Our local market expertise and comprehensive property management services allow you to enjoy a worry-free landlord experience, leaving everything in our capable hands.

Contact us today on 01823 478575 or at to learn more about how we can support your property management in Taunton and help you overcome the challenges you face as a landlord.