With the cost of living on the increase, more and more professional tenants are looking for alternative ways to enjoy the benefits of urban living. If you’re looking for a passive income with the highest returns, then the HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) investment sector is the right market for you. But rentals by the room is a specialist sector, by choosing our HMO management service, you can rest assured that your HMO will be managed legally, efficiently and profitably.

We’ll help you find the right property, as we know which streets are the best and which to avoid. We’ll advise you on which tenant market you should focus on and how best to prepare, renovate and furnish the property, giving you valuable tips to save money and avoid the pitfalls of an unsuccessful HMO.

We’ll take care of your utility bills, managing your costs, dealing with suppliers, even setting the temperature controls for you.

We’ll also set in place regular cleaning schedules keeping your communal areas neat and tidy and using our maintenance team to keep the property in tip top condition so that the rooms get rented quickly when people move on.

We’ll manage all aspects of your HMO, giving you complete freedom from dealing with your tenants. We build happy HMO households, create whatsapp house chats, hold house meetings and oversee any bumpy disputes over the washing up or noisy comings and goings.

Happy housemates stay longer, which means few voids, less re-lets and a higher return on your investment. It’s a WIN - WIN.