Let’s not, ‘do what we’ve always done’...

That’s the first thing you’ll notice is different when you employ eden may. Maybe it’s because we pride ourselves on only working with a small, select client base at any one time, ensuring that you receive an incredible level of service and you always have our attention.

No contract tie in

We’ve built our reputation on taking care of people, believing that payment should follow results. Consequently, we don’t believe in contract tie in periods, if our performance doesn’t live up to our promises, that you can cancel at any time, without any penalty.

WhatsApp Groups

We know how important it is that you feel in control, well informed and able to communicate quickly, throughout the selling process. We set up WhatsApp chat groups for our clients and team, so that you can keep in touch easily during or outside office hours.

Similar groups are set up for our buyers so that everyone has an opportunity to ask a question and get a response quickly, keeping the sale on track and putting everyone at ease. We’re still very personal and just as happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat, or speak on the phone, technology won’t replace that personal touch and we know it’s not for everyone.

Small but perfectly formed

We don’t work with everyone and we don’t sell just anything. We deliberately choose which clients and properties to partner carefully. The responsibility for selling your biggest tax free asset is one which we take seriously, it needs to be the right fit, the right property, the perfect marketing strategy, the best home styling, personalised story driven sales particulars and a trusted relationship.


We’ll work with you to prepare your property ensuring it looks the very best for marketing, using professional photography and videography. We’ll give you honest but gentle feedback about styling, presentation and any little maintenance jobs that are needed just to give that final ‘polish’ to attract the highest price.

Next level negotiation

Successful negotiation is a skill that depends on asking the right question at the right time, employing a range of tools and strategies to achieve your most desired outcome. Most home buyers and sellers make decisions with their heart, attempting to negotiate your biggest emotional purchase with a clear head is an almost impossible task. Why leave this to chance? As trained professional negotiators, this is where we really add value to your move.